Entracon and its staff have completed numerous landfills, cappings and liner projects for a diversity of clients in the private and public sector.  This experience has made us sensitive and flexible to the specific needs of each client.

Our extensive range of resources allows 80-90% of the work on landfill projects to be completed in house.  Items include, GPS survey, As Built GPS survey, land clearing, excavation, storm water drainage, clay liner & GCL liner construction, leachate collection pipe work, pit construction, pump stations, rock work, erosion control, road construction, and of course maintenance of auditable QA, OHS & ENV systems.

Our investment in GPS grading & survey technology accelerates our productivity and increases our grading accuracy.  We continually train our people and upgrade these systems, which keeps us at the forefront of technology and ahead of the field.


One of Entracon’s core areas of expertise is moving small and large volumes of earth, and moving it fast.  The Entracon team has completed many large, heavy civil construction projects throughout Australia for both the private and public sectors.

Resources are key to the successful completion of large civil construction projects.  Entracon has the manpower and equipment necessary to take on such

Past projects have included registered dam construction and registered dams upgrades, wetland construction, water reservoirs, retarding basins, golf courses construction, basement cuts, large engineered fills and sourcing of fill.


Civil infrastructure projects, both public and private, represent an opportunity to utilise our experience on a cost plus basis, design and construct, panel basis, GC21 Contract basis or alliance/sub alliance basis.  We believe that these delivery mechanisms offer clients more flexibility and when properly done, provide owners and clients alike with superior quality, schedule and cost performance.


Our team has participated in many commercial and industrial site development projects for a variety of land uses – commercial and industrial.

We understand the complexities of these types of projects and the need for coordination within the entire project team in order to deliver projects on time.  We strive to provide, with a minimum of delay, the other parties with any elements they may need.  Such as access roads, building pads, controlled fill zones, post construction services and set up, sheet piling, site drainage and sewer work.

We recognise the importance of maintaining open communication with other contractors so that they can be sure of our work processes.  If a problem arises, we facilitate an outcome that ensures the projects best interests.

Our quality of work, team attitude, fairness in equity, and overall ability to meet schedules and deadlines results in an enjoyable and successful project for all parties involved.


Entracon can perform up to 90% of the work on a typical subdivision.  This includes all clearing, pavement construction, concrete construction, storm water drainage, water reticulations and sewer construction.  For the remaining work, we use a small number of select, proven contractors who are familiar with our work process and expectations and thus have a seamless integration into our organisation and projects.

Performing such a large portion of the work ourselves provides our clients with a high level of quality and schedule control.  It also gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently handle any challenges that may arise during the course of the project.

Our team understands the concerns of clients and realises that we are a integral part in the foundation of successful projects.  With this in mind, we are proactive in resolving any issues or problems that may arise.  Maintaining open communication with our client allows speedy solutions to always be provided.

With a commitment to exceed the expectations of clients, we do all we can to ensure a successful project, working to stay ahead of schedule and within cost.  Care is given not only to the infrastructure elements of these projects, but also to the aesthetics, such as topsoil finish, entrance detail and public open spaces.  This attitude, combined with our experienced management team, skilled personnel and equipment allows us to consistently provide quality projects to clients that choose Entracon to be part of their project team.


Entracon has completed a significant number of Treatment Plant upgrades and retrofits of treatment plants for a number of providers within the Victorian Water Market.

Our skilled staff performs approximately 80% of the work on Treatment Plant projects.  Items include, GPS survey, excavation, mild steel, stainless steel and plastiline welding, pump station construction, large in situ concrete tank construction, installation of dosing systems, low rise construction, lagoon construction, clay liner construction, large and small pipe work, pit construction, pump stations, confined space works and critical shutdown, rock work, road construction and maintenance of auditable QA, OHS & ENV systems.

A highly trained team is the key to the successful completion of large treatment plant upgrades, retrofit or construction projects.  Entracon has the teams and equipment necessary to successfully take on such projects.

Our investment in specialist equipment has accelerated our productivity and increased our efficiencies, in such areas as small crawler cranes, specialist confined space equipment and cutting edge welding equipment. We continually train our people in the use of all specialist equipment and the required techniques which keeps us ahead of the field.

Entracon is a contractor of choice in the Victorian Water Market.


Over the years, Entracon have self-performed remediation projects for clients such as Golders, Victrack, Orica, Mobile and local government.  Our expertise in contaminated land remediation gives our customers the reassurance that we can deal with virtually any condition encountered, in a consistent and cost effective way.

Entracon is well known for it’s knowledge in land remediation and understand how different technologies for recycling and reuse of excavated materials can provide bottom line savings and cost certainty for our customers.

We appreciate the pressures and constraints that remediation projects present and often work in restricted confines.  Our team have a proven track record in project delivery be they large or small.


The Entracon team has completed many pipeline projects, ranging from large diameter drainage and watermains to small scale operations, for both the public and private sector.

With three experienced crews we are capable of working in all areas of pipe laying such as:

  • Large diameter drainage, up to 3.0m diameter
  • Water main welded and RRJ pipes up to 2.0m dia and
  • Sewer construction up to 2.0m dia plus

Our fleet of specialized equipment and staff can efficiently complete projects of a complex nature such as those requiring significant depth, sheet piling, and/ or closed sheet trench shoring, de-watering and confined space works.

Entracon is a registered Melbourne Water contractor regularly undertaking works for councils, Melbourne Water and developers alike within Melbourne and it surrounds.  In Geelong, Entracon have undertaken several projects for the City of Greater Geelong, Barwon Water and other major road building companies, with the projects ranging from $0.1M – $3.0M


Through the substantial number of bridge and culvert projects that Entracon has completed, our extensive and specialised team provides clients with the knowledge and experience to manage heavy time constraints and fast track work with resources to work 24hrs a day.

Entracon staff have over 30 years experience in this area and utilization of theses extensive skills enables projects in extreme or harsh environments, requiring specialised environmental controls and equipment, to be completed on schedule.

Entracon holds a B1 accreditation with Vic Roads.


Entracon has completed a significant number of Water Harvesting Systems along with the supply and installation of a vast number of varying types of Goss Pollution Traps (GPT’s).

Our skilled and specialist staff understand the inherent differences of each project and have constructed award winning projects such as that completed for the City of Whitehorse at Bolton Reserve.

Types of Containment systems designed and constructed have been:

  • large diameter drainage, up to 3.0m diameter,
  • water main welded and RRJ pipes up to 2.0m dia and
  • sewer construction up to 2.0m dia plus.

Entracon can assist in the project conception stages by providing advice on proven pumping systems, GPT suitability and containment options, harvesting methodology and of course budgets.

Due to the often high profile nature of these type of projects, care is given not only to the key functional aspects of the construction but also to the aesthetics of the project. Our attention to these details ensure that quality projects are consistently delivered.


Entracon also offers a maintenance and operation service for all Water Harvesting and GPT Infrastructure.  This includes maintenance of the pump stations (Mechanical & Electrical), pipe cleaning, storage de silting, GPT clean out and confined space works.  Most works are carried out on a routine maintenance basis but a one off trouble shooting service is also offered.

We have found this to be a growing part of our business and would welcome any opportunity to provide a quotation and add a new a valued customer.


1st Rapid Impact Compactor (RIC) 7000 in Australia
Entracon is proud to be the first company in Australia to own a RIC 7000 and offer Rapid Impact Compaction services nation wide.

Historically, dynamic soil compaction has involved the use of free falling weights from tall cranes which impose limitations on the types of sites that can be treated.  The Rapid Impact Compactor or RIC changes this with the ability to carry out soil densification with fast mobilisation and low overheads.

RIC is a technique allied to Dynamic Compaction that can be used to increase the bearing capacity of soils through controlled impact.

Instead of droppinga heavy weight from a great height once or twice a minute, the RIC drops a lighter weight from a relatively low height at a fast blow rate of 40 to 60 times a minute.

A track mounted excavator acts as the base unit and provides hydraulic power to the hammer.  The drop-weight is dropped onto a special foot assembly and unlike other compaction techniques which throw up debris the RIC 7000’s patented 1.5m diameter steel ‘foot’ remains in contact with the ground at all times making the RIC a safe, controlled compaction technique with particular emphasis on creating a safe working environment.

Instrumentation is fitted to monitor blows and energy from the hammer as well as recording ground penetration and settlement.

Depending on the moisture content the treatment is effective in the top layers up to 6m in depth.  Up to 10m can be achieved in certain conditions.

Manufactured in the UK, the RIC 7000 boom was customised to suit Entracon’s 45 tonne Komatsu excavator.  All parts, including the 13 tonne hammer and guide, 3 tonne foot and 4 tonne boom assemblies, control panel, data logger, hydraulic control manifold and boom sensors, were then shipped to Melbourne in a 40 foot container.

It then took 4 days for a Service Technician from the UK with the assistance of two local plant mechanics to assemble the RIC 7000 at Entracon’s Workshop.

The compaction Rig was then commissioned and Entracon Supervisors, operators and service personnel underwent 2 days of training at an available land fill operation.

The new RIC 7000 gives Entracon a reliable Compaction Rig that is available to work throughout Australia and New Zealand on deep compaction projects such as land reclamation, crane platforms, land rehabilitation, piling platforms, container terminals, building sites and car parks.